Cold weather

January 17, 2019Location: 790 south Ebenezer point

Citrus county may be the only place in Florida that looks forward to cold weather. Tactics change red fish, move up in the creeks and deep holes in the rivers. Our sheepshead move offshore to rock piles to spawn. Perhaps the thing that sets our area part the most is the fact that we can swim with manatee Cold weather brings them in in abundance. We all for trips with our partner companies to do fishing as well as manatee tours.


I grew up in Crystal River Florida which is situated on the pristine Nature Coast. My passion for all things boating and fishing began from a very early age and only deepened into adulthood. My 14 years of working in the charter fishing industry have been the most rewarding of my life and I couldn't imagine spending my days any other way. I am truly in my element on the water with my clients.